The Brain is the computerized central hub for radio communication from the remote control! Switches allow for numerous response modes!


Construct pieces

easily snap together

without the use

of tools!

LED Module: Guided Light Patterns

Bump Sensor: Bounce Around Objects By Touch

IR Sensor: Avoid Obstacles Before Crashing







ANTThe Ant rolls around and responds with every hit of the bump sensors, while its large wheels allow it to climb over obstacles!






SCARABThe Scarab crawls low to the ground avoiding obstacles, while you control its range of motion by altering the leg’s gear system!






SPIDERThe Spider walks forward or in reverse while using its distance sensor to avoid obstacles, and changes directions by spinning its head 360°!






STRANDBEASTThe Strandbeast marches forward or in reverse and the gear linkages allow all 8 legs to move in unison or spin 360° to change direction!

                  $49.99 ANT

                  $69.99 SCARAB

                  $69.99 SPIDER

                  $89.99 STRANDBEAST






ORBITExperience how the Earth and Moon revolve around the Sun with the turn of a knob. Each crank is equal to one day on Earth! 






GEAR RACERSBuild a red car and a blue car, then race your friends by pulling these cars back and watching them speed forward!






ROBOTIC ARMWith four points of motion, you can use each control knob to pick up surrounding objectswith the claw!






FORKLIFTEach crank of the knob scoops and drops two balls up and onto the track!






HANDOFFLooking for a Challenge! Connect a series of gears and cranks with precision to power and transport balls between holding bins!






PICK AND DROPSpin the knob and watch asthe 3 refined grabber hands reach down to pick and drop each ball!






ZOETROPEBring images to life with the spin of a knob using ancientfilm technology.






HEXCALATORTurn the knob and experience the three wheels spin together setting this ball machine into action!






SCREW LIFTA fresh twist on the Archimedes Screw! Crank the handle and watch the balls spiral through the machine!






HOOK SHOTWind up the elastic powered striker arm to launch balls through the loop system and sink them in the return basket!






CROSSBOWThe Crossbow can launch foamdarts up to 15 feet! Twist the knob to pull back the dart,press the lever to launch!






CATAPULTCrank the knob to its maximum tension and watch as it flings the ball over 10 feet!


                 $29.99 FORKLIFT

ZOETROPE                  $24.99


                  $29.99 HEXCALATOR


                  $39.99 PICK AND DROP

                  $29.99 HANDOFF

                  $29.99 HOOK SHOT

                  $29.99 SCREW LIFT


ORBIT                  $39.99



This add on kit includes one battery

box and a bidirectional motor with

switch. Attach this motor to

any of your VEX® Robotics Build

Kits and turn a hand crank

into a motorized machine!


Attach the extension cord

and alternate the control

switch to send the

motor into action!

• Robot Brain Included

• 750+ Snap Pieces

• Four Smart Motors

• Color Sensor

• Bumper Switch

• Touch LED Sensor

• Dual Joystick Controller


With this kit, you can follow simple step by step instructions to build your first robot as you learn the basics, and then take advantage of the unmatched versatility of the VEX® IQ system to build anything you can imagine!


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"The mission of VEX® Robotics is to introduce science,  technology,  engineering and mathematics (STEM) to kids at a young age! Our robotics kits encourage students to stretch their imaginations while creating a fully-functional robot! Originally designed for the classroom,  VEX® Robotics provides educators with the tools they need to teach STEM principles while maintaining an engaging,  hands-on experience for students.


VEX® competitions come in all shapes and sizes. They allow students to compete anywhere from regional to national,  and all the way up to the world championship level! Each competition match encourages students to work together as a team to develop new skills,  solve problems, and learn along the way! Over 10,000 teams compete annually in VEX® Robotics competitions, representing over 30 countries from around the world!


HEXBUG® and VEX® Robotics have teamed up to bring this educational building experience right to your home! Each of the construction sets feature two alternate builds and all parts are compatible with educational VEX® IQ pieces to create your own custom VEX® robot."

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